Custom Stairlifts Vs. Two Straight Stairlifts

In what situation would you need to decide?

If your staircase has one or more landings.


Staircase with a 180 degree landing.


Staircase with 180 degree landing.










What are the benefits of a custom stairlift?

  • Continuous track – do not have to transfer from stairlift to stairlift.
  • Ability to “park” at the top and bottom of the staircase. This allows the stairlift to move around a corner and out of the way.

Custom Stairlift parked at the top of the staircase.

What are the benefits of two stairlifts?

  • Two stairlifts are the most economical way to provide safe travel to multiple levels for the house.
  • Custom stairlifts range in price from $10000-$16000 installed and two straight stairlifts range in price from $5000-$7000 installed.
Two straight

Two straight stairlifts on a staircase with a landing. The rider transfers from one stairlift to the next.