The featured stairlift of the week is the Harmar Pinnacle.

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The Harmar Pinnacle stair lift is a robust and reliable option for a stairlift. And while it is a hearty stairlift it does not become a eyesore for you or your guests. It features a large, padded seat and folds up to just 11 inches wide when the lift is not in use. The beige seat and cream plastic molding helps compliment the decor of many homes. This stairlift has a lifting capacity of 300 pounds and is the only stair lift in the market that has an optional upgrade up to a 600 pound carrying capacity.

One of the many great features of the Harmar Pinnacle is the automatic hinge rail.  This allows the Pinnacle stair lift to fit any application. If your staircase lands into an open area, or adjacent to a door, the automatic hinge rail will make all walkways passable. The video below shows an automatic hinge rail.


With all of the luxury options that this stair lift has to offer, there are also the essential features of all stair lifts such as safety sensors. These safety sensor stop the motion of the stair lift when there is an obstruction it its path.

If you or someone you know is interested in the Harmar Pinnacle stair lift call us today! 888-380-7227