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The consultant from Ascent Stairlifts was very thorough and I appreciated her input. And the installers were very cooperative and very accommodating. The stairlift made my life much easier. I like the ease of going up and down the stairs. I had a very nice experience with Ascent and they answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

I had a foot operation and I'm not supposed to put any weight on the foot for six weeks, which is very difficult. This is a two-story house so we need to have something so I could get upstairs. My neighbor had a stairlift put in and she suggested Ascent Stairlifts. We went down and their people were very pleasant and helpful. They had a variety of different lifts that I could use and try, and different prices for different locations. Their rep anticipated questions that I might have and she was very knowledgeable. They got the stairlift in within a couple of days after we bought it. The installation was fine and it took an hour. The stairlift gets me up and down the stairs. It's great and very easy to use. It doesn't take up a whole lot of space too. Plus, it has made my life easier. I would recommend Ascent Stairlifts.

by Betty on Ascent Stairlifts

The consultant of Ascent Stairlifts answered all my questions and she was very nice. She did all the measurements and discovered that I had a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs that had to be moved over because we needed an extra seven inches so the chair would go all the way down and I could get off without having to step down an extra step. It was mounted on the wall, the kind that you put up three of four boards with holes in them and then you snap the shelf in. The installer was very good. We talked about the bookcase because I was concerned. I almost said, “If we’re going to have to take that out I don’t want to do it because I like it there.” But he just said, “No. We’ll move it over.” And their cost was very modest to move it over. I’m sure glad I went ahead and put it in.

by Sharon on Ascent Stairlifts

Ascent's cost led me to go to them instead of over others. The purpose was to have something to help my mom to get up and down the steps. We looked at Acorn and they were extremely expensive. We were to go with them, and then I did a little bit more research and found Ascent. It was a no brainer. The accessibility consultant was very knowledgeable about my needs and what we wanted as far as the stairlift. Site survey went really well. However, the person that came out initially told us the left side, but when we had talked it was the right side. My 90-year-old mom was a little confused because they just had the wrong side when the person came out and looked at it.

by Donna on Ascent Stairlifts

I read reviews online and Ascent Stairlifts had the best reviews. Virginia who was our salesperson made everything simple and I had no hesitation after we met with her because she was thorough and she was friendly. Plus she knows exactly what she was talking about. The consultant came to the house, sat with my husband and I, and was very thorough in telling us what they would do and what it would look like and discussing options. She was also on the stairway with us, looking at the stairs and making her recommendations. It felt like we knew exactly what we needed by the time she left. They took us through the process carefully and answered our questions and made sure that we got a product that worked for us.

by Charlie on Ascent Stairlifts

The Ascent Stairlifts was put in for my parents and they're happy with it. Everybody was tickled to the death. Though there were other stairlifts that were cheaper, we chose it for its features and price. We dealt with a gentleman named Greg. He was the guy that we talked with over there in Colorado. And since we're in Michigan, I just gave him the measurements over the phone. There wasn't a site survey. I told him how many steps there were and how wide they were, and he was very accommodating. We negotiated hard and he came up with a good price and we're very happy with the outcome. It took them about three hours to install it and it went smoothly. It's working well for my mother who's 88 years old. It's convenient for her when she goes down the stairs to do the laundry. It's also compact and it does close up against the wall, so it doesn’t impede the use of the stairs. It works out good for everybody.

One of my cousins had used Ascent for his father-in-law. He said they are a good company and raved about the salesperson who wasn’t there anymore, but I called them first and they sounded good. I've heard of other names, but since my cousin had used them and it's a good product, I figured they would be a good choice. My mom is 95 and we've moved her into our downstairs, so she needs to use the chair multiple times daily because she goes up and down a lot.

Ascent Stairlifts was cheaper and everything from the consultation to the installation of the unit went fine. I like the stairlift, it’s perfect.

by William on Ascent Stairlifts

The person from Ascent came out on very short notice. He’s the boss and owner, and he’s a very nice man. He did the installation himself the next morning. He was on time and it only took him one hour to finish the installation, which was faster than I thought. The stairlift goes up and down and it has helped me tremendously because my wife can’t get upstairs without it. I’m happy with it.

When we went looking for a stairlift, the people at Ascent were the only ones who responded. We asked for them to send out a representative and they sent out Virginia. She was there quickly and showed us what they had and so we bought it right there. We asked for a used one so Virginia said she’d have to look in the factory and she called back the very next day to say they had one and asked if it would be all right if they schedule it for the following week. It was a few days before they came in and those two guys who worked were very efficient and polite. They had it done in probably an hour total, from the time they started and then finished. We like everything about our stairlift from Ascent. It gets me up and down like it’s supposed to work and it seems to be working just fine, and that's what we needed. Ascent is excellent and we had a great experience with them.

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“Thank you- Excellent Job! You helped me provide a safer environment for my Husband. He loved the chair.”

– Chris T.

“Ascent was prompt in installing and very capable. They have taken time to call to see if everything is okay – Wonderful company.”

– Marcella M.

“Our installer was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and PROMPT. Follow up calls were handled immediately and convieniently and with respect!

– Beverly H.

“This machine will enable me to stay in my home for the rest of my life! Yaay!!!

– Virginia K.

“Best mobility company out there!”

– Elizabeth M.

“Honest, courteous, on time and very clean.”

– Lawerence J.