Automatic Hinge

A stairlift hinge rail is a great tool for any stairlift leading to an open walkway, living space or doorway.

The rail for the a stairlift protrudes out from the bottom step roughly a foot. And while a stairlift is a great tool for those who are having trouble the stairs, the rail at the bottom of the staircase can become a tripping hazard. All of our stairlifts have an optional upgrade to include an automatic or manual hinge rail.

Auto Hinge, stairlift hinge rail

Hinge rail, folded up to eliminate a tripping hazard.

The automatic hinge rail moves in accordance with the stairlift. It will rise when riding the stairlift up, and return to the down position on the way down. When the stairlift is not in use, the hinge will rest in the up position, and the stairlift will rest on the third step. To get to this position (pictured above), use the remote controls.

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