If you are looking to purchase a stairlift for your home or business, you might think to yourself, where do I start? What is reliable? Well, here are the most important questions you should ask when purchasing a stairlift.

What is the cost? Can it fit my budget?

The first, and most important question when making a purchase like this is budget. What are you willing to spend on a stairlift and what will you be able to get with that budget. Ascent Stairlifts is proud to accommodate many budgetary restrictions by offering financing, and reconditioned stairlifts along with our new product line.

What is the warranty?

This is a very important question to ask regarding a stairlift. Ascent Mobility offers the industries best manufacturer warranties. Ascent Stairlifts carries stairlifts with manufacturer warranties that cover parts and drive train, as well as our own labor warranty.

How will this affect my staircase?

All of the stairlifts that Ascent Stairlifts carries come with the ability to fold up and out of the way allowing the staircase to be usable by others. The foot rest, seat and arm rests fold up independently of one another which leaves optimal space for passage on the staircase.

How does the stairlift mount?

The stairlift will mount to the steps themselves – not the wall. In doing so, a stairlift does not require construction of any kind, and can be easily removed and replaced when necessary.

What is the BBB rating of the company?

Ascent Mobility has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.